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How Important is Work and Career Compatibility?

Work and career compatibility is important. It is important to discuss the type of work or career that partners see themselves doing. Some questions to ask yourselves include:

  • What does work mean to you?
  • Is work a means to  provide for a family, or is it a source of personal fulfillment?
  • Is it more important to have a high paying job or to be satisfied with making less money in order to have fulfilling work?

If either partner has a career that is demanding, and requires a lot of time and focus, it is important to discuss how each feels about this, and how it will be handled. It might not be as necessary for partners to have similar careers as it is that both have a vocation they are committed to. If one person has work that keeps them past the typical 9 to 5 work schedule, while the other person is home on the couch waiting for his or her partner to come home, it could create potential problems.

What is Body Clock Compatibility?

Body clock has to do  with the time of day people are more active. People have different times of the day that they are more alive. Some people are day or morning people, whereas others are night people. The time of day a person was born may play a role in this.

If one partner is asleep most of the time that the other is awake, it may lead to partners feeling lonely and may result in an unhappy and unfullfilling relationship or marriage.

It is important to know this about the person you are choosing as a mate and if there are differences in this area, discuss how you will reconcile this.

How Important is Physical Attractiveness?

Physical compatibility includes attractiveness, chemistry, sexuality, and health. People tend to date and marry those who they perceive to be similar to them in physical attractiveness. Dissimilar physical attractiveness can create an imbalance, giving the person who is more physically attractive more power in the relationship.

Some people might place a great deal of importance on physical attractiveness, while others may do so to a lesser extent. Some believe that the kind of person one is, is more important because a good person can actually become more physically attractive—just as an attractive person who is not a good person can become less attractive.

An African proverb: Beauty comes from within.