Growing In Love vs. Falling in Love?

The overarching approach to love in U.S. society is romantic love. One who takes a romantic approach to love might think of love in terms of physical attractiveness, passion, sex, and intense emotional feelings. They might believe in ideas like love at first sight or that love conquers all. Infact, in U.S society, feeling romantic is a prerequisite for choosing a marriage partner. However, this has not always been the case in the United States or throughout the world. Throughout history, marriages were generally arranged, which means that one’s family members played a significant role in who one chose to marry. In Africa, marriages were also arranged. What was important among African people was expanding their lineage (big families were highly valued),and the economic, social, and political relations that could be forged. Love was expected to develop after marriage through the couple sharing their lives together, not to precede it. Partners were chosen based on their values, health, and their family backgrounds.

Question to Ponder:

Could you marry someone without being in love first?
Could you choose someone based on values, health and family background and grow to love them vs. falling in love with them?
Should Romantic love be the primary basis of marriage?

Source: African American Relationships, Marriages and Families: An Introduction

African American Relationships, Marriages & Families: An Introduction
Dr. Patricia Dixon