How Important is Work and Career Compatibility?

Work and career compatibility is important. It is important to discuss the type of work or career that partners see themselves doing. Some questions to ask yourselves include:

  • What does work mean to you?
  • Is work a means to  provide for a family, or is it a source of personal fulfillment?
  • Is it more important to have a high paying job or to be satisfied with making less money in order to have fulfilling work?

If either partner has a career that is demanding, and requires a lot of time and focus, it is important to discuss how each feels about this, and how it will be handled. It might not be as necessary for partners to have similar careers as it is that both have a vocation they are committed to. If one person has work that keeps them past the typical 9 to 5 work schedule, while the other person is home on the couch waiting for his or her partner to come home, it could create potential problems.